Speaker announcement for CyNam 18.3

We can now confirm that attendees of CyNam 18.3 on 11th October will enjoy a talk from Andrea Simmons: previously CISO for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services. She’ll be sharing her vast cybersecurity experience from managing global security policy and risk governance. As if that weren’t exciting enough – she’s also completed a PhD in Information Assurance on the influence of language and how it contributes and impedes global security programs in the context of the information society. Fascinating stuff! And as a previous Director at Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), she brings huge value and insight to CyNam 18.3.

Cheltenham Cyber Business Park Talk

Jeremy Williamson from Cheltenham Development Task Force (an advisory body to Cheltenham Borough Council) will give a talk on the proposed Cheltenham Cyber Business Park to be constructed on the west of the town close to GCHQ. This is an exciting prospect for those connected and already working in Cheltenham’s security and technical community. Jeremy will explain the proposal in detail including the all important timelines. He’ll also ask for input from the very people that will be the end users – us!  

2nd Speaker for CyNam 17.4 Announced

Graeme Simpson from Roke will be talking about the challenges facing the adoption of autonomous vehicles in the UK and how manufacturers can make sure future vehicles are cyber secure. Graeme Simpson has enjoyed a 20 year career in IT industry, most of that spent in what would now be called Cyber Security. His work has taken him from hot and hostile Middle Eastern deserts, to African jungles and the dustier but rather less dangerous corridors of UK Government. He currently works at Roke as Business Area Lead for Cyber Protection.